I'm Jeremy Diamond.

I'm a cruciverbalist, skier and snowboarder, and Nationals fan living and working in Seattle. As of May 2021, I lead investor relations and corporate strategy and development at Placer.ai.

I previously co-founded Picnic. Now I work with early-stage startups, venture funds, and tech companies on everything short of engineering. That includes:

  • Advising startups through fundraising processes with local angels and syndicates, seed funds, and multi-stage VCs.
  • Building infrastructure for a venture fund to track and analyze their portfolio and better understand their deal flow.
  • Developing competitive research and analysis for a startup studio.
  • Briefing a new big tech product team on the feasibility, reach, and impact of several dozen new hero use cases.
You can find links to my writing here.

You can reach me on Twitter.